The web of the "Reactions with Radiactive Relativistic Beams" activities on USC
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Héctor Alvarez Pol, José Benlliure Anaya, Enrique Casarejos Ruiz, Dolores Cortina Gil, Ignacio Durán Escribano, Martín Gascón Vázquez, Noelia Montes Alonso, David Pérez Loureiro
Departamento de Física de Partículas
Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

06th. April, 2010. - R3B CALIFA Prototypes simulation (videoconference) - WEBPAGE

R3B comprise a set of detectors on a versatile setup with high efficiency, acceptance and resolution for kinematically complete measurements of reactions with high-energy radioactive beams. The setup wiill be located at the focal plane of the high-energy branch of the Super-FRS in the new FAIR facility (Darmstadt, Germany). The experiment setup is suitable for a wide variety of scattering experiments, i.e., such as heavy-ion induced electromagnetic excitation, knockout and breakup reactions, or light-ion (in)elastic and quasi-free scattering in inverse kinematics, thus enabling a broad physics programme with rare-isotope beams to be performed.
The GENP group at the University of Santiago de Compostela is involved in the development of the Total Gamma-absortion Spectrometer and the Large-area ToF wall for fission and spallation measurements.